It Only Takes A Few Business Success Guidelines To Win At Work

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It only takes a few business success guidelines to win at work. I run a small business of about two dozen people, and I have to tell you, it’s not complicated getting everyone to work towards success and winning.

The biggest thing I have learned as a boss, is that getting people to win is to understand what winning means to them individually. I’d love it if everyone cared about our gross monthly sales and saving payroll and the like, but it’s not about the bottom line really for anyone but me as the entrepreneur and owner.

You see, I have to remember that for everyone working under me, it’s just a job to them. They actually don’t care about the business. They care about themselves, and that’s fine. So my first business success guideline is to remember that every person under me is a person. Some care about time with their kids, some care about more hours, some want to develop skills for promotions or work somewhere else. I try to check in with them every day on an individual basis to see how that is going.

It might even pay to have some of the team participate in blogging. Sometimes writing out ideas and sharing them on a space that everyone can take part and even comment can bring the group together. There are lots of blogs out there – I found an interesting one on Midwest roofing trends ( which personally helps me since I’m looking to have a new roof put on my company’s building.

Other than that, my guidelines for success in our business are to figure out how to solve every customer’s needs or problems, show up on time, and smile at everyone.